New Cypher camera trick

Sneaky Cypher camera trick on Ascent protects the Spike every round

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant’s trickster Cypher is up to no good. Again. As if he wasn’t viable enough on Ascent, this sneaky Cypher camera trick has made him a must-pick. 

Ascent is Cypher’s home turf. The extensive grounds of this large map need a Sentinel like Cypher to cover more area. The Sentinel locks the backlines and blocks pushes on defense. Thanks to his trailblazing kit, he’s a jack of all trades on Ascent. And with well-executed lineups, Cypher becomes invincible. 

Camera tricks are Cypher’s strong suit. Knowing where to hide the device can easily make winning a cakewalk on a map like Ascent. Those who play Cypher happen to excel at pulling off wild tricks. This new sneaky Cypher camera trick is the most powerful by far on Ascent’s B site. 

New Cypher camera trick on Ascent’s B site 

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Protecting the Spike on Ascent’s A site is pretty easy, but B side for the attacking team can get dicey. The congested location has fewer choke points to hide in, refusing attackers freedom to guard the Spike. So, it’s always a bad idea to five-stack the site post-plant. Dividing the team guard between the bomb site and outside is best to guard the bomb. With this sneaky camera trick, Cypher can ensure that the Spike blows. 

This camera keeps a constant eye on the Spike, breaking intel on whether enemies are actually defusing or not. Players can stay on the cover instead of falling for a fake Spike tap. Here’s how to do it. 

Plant the Spike next to the alley boxes and walk towards the stairs. You may place a trap here to get a cue for activating the camera, but it’s not necesary. Now, equip Cypher’s Cam and crouch near the drain. Aim inside the grill and keep moving the crosshair till the camera turns blue. Attach the device and take cover, preferably outside of the bomb point. 

As soon as you hear a defuse tap, activate the camera to tag the enemy. Your teammates inside the point should be able to take them down. Or someone with Odin could also deal heavy wall-bang damage after the tag. Unless the enemy spots the camera in the dark and breaks it, the Spike defusal will be prevented till the end. 

It’s a handy camera setup that’d pair well with a few post-plant molotovs and darts. Attacking B site becomes pretty simple when you have an adept Cypher on your team.