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New Cypher setup on Ascent A site means easy wins for defense

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Cypher’s ability to break intel on the complex layout of Ascent makes him a must-have in all comps for the map. This new Cypher setup for the Ascent A site shows that he’s just too good with his equipment to go without him.

Ascent is a relatively large map with extensive bombsites that can be tricky to defend. The map is a tall order without an efficient Sentinel who’s not only able to watch flanks, but also excels at pausing pushes. Luckily, Cypher is a jack of all trades. The Moroccan intel broker can be your wild card due to the unique schemes his kit is capable of creating. 

Here’s how to defend Ascent’s A site with new Cypher setup

This setup requires two hollow smokes, two Trapwires, and Cypher’s Cam. His entire kit warrants an effective delay that may allow your teammates to rotate towards A. The cheeky camera angle may remain throughout the round, ensuring that A site is well-guarded. Here’s how to do it.

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Jump on top of the generator and place your camera on a small ledge above the wall. The device will provide a clear view of the entire site, allowing Cypher to break intel. Due to the odd angle, the camera may not be spotted by enemies throughout the round. Even if they do spot it, it’s tough to break as it requires them to aim upwards.

For the Cyber Cage, stand on the left side of the stairs and place your crosshair on the right side of the entrance, as shown in the video. Toss the first smoke device and then the second while aiming at the left side. The two smokes will create a one-way angle for the player holding haven. This is just the first barrier. If enemies make it through the smokes, they’ll surely step on the hidden traps. 

The tripwires are pretty simple. While standing in the middle of the stairs, place your tripwires on either entrance corner. Make sure they’re set low so enemies can’t spot them while they’re distracted by the one-way. These three devices should allow Cypher to lock down the A site for nearly an entire round, proving that he’s the best Sentinel to pick on Ascent. 

This isn’t the only Cypher setup for Ascent. Cypher shines the most when players know all of his many complex setups. The Sentinel is capable of executing wild plays with the help of these lineups, and there’s no better way to learn Cypher’s strategies than with the help of a coach. Metafy can help you find a coach who will teach you to excel with Cypher’s unique kit.

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