Valorant Premier mode

Skilled players can now go pro in Valorant through Premier mode

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is bringing a new way for hungry players to take the competition to a new level through Valorant Premier mode.

Valorant Immortal leaderboards are crammed with skilled players to the extent that Riot had to cap the count. Clearly, Valorant has too many talented players that are hungry for more. So to quench their thirst for competition, Riot has introduced a new system that’d challenge players to achieve more beyond Radiant. 

Valorant Premier mode is a new seasonal challenge that’d put the best quintets in each region against each other in matches that’d be way harder than your regular competitive mode.

How does Valorant Premier mode work? 

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Valorant Premier mode is currently in the Alpha stages and will begin testing in Brazil in November. Here’s everything we know about it so far. 

This mode will have pre-scheduled matches each season in which only a pre-created stack of five can compete. The game will match you up against similarly skilled players in your region, and from here, you will ladder up against a higher level of players. Each season is a few weeks and will have an end-of-the-season Division Champions tournament.

Riot will be testing out the team creation, servers, tournaments, scores, bugs, and more in Brazil. Once a limited player base approves it, the mode will go live globally. The best part about this mode is that teams will be able to pick their preferred maps and ban them as well. 

By doing well in this mode, players will automatically enter the official esports scene by becoming the top preference of organizations in their region. Top-ranked teams will be given a chance to qualify for their respective domestic leagues and take steps on their path to pro. Valorant premier mode will become regular players’ key to appear on the competitive map.