Valorant Path to Pro

Riot introduces Valorant Path to Pro competitive mode

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant esports will look vastly different in 2023 thanks to an announcement from Riot Games that includes an overhaul from the grassroots level. Going pro will become easier for competitive players through the new Valorant Path to Pro.

Within a year of its release, Valorant has shaped an esports system that is lucrative, cut-throat, and addicting to watch. Hundreds of players have benefited from the circuit that filters the best out of each region. The game’s nascent esports is moving in the right direction as Riot expands its net to sift the worthy players.

For this purpose, the publisher has announced Valorant Path to Pro, an in-game competitive mode that’d forge a way for aspiring pros.

“Sometimes it’s not enough to watch. If you’ve got the skills, it’s time to play. In the future, a new in-game competitive mode will give every player a chance to feel what it’s like to compete like a professional and an opportunity to work toward their dreams,” Riot Games said.

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What is Valorant Path to Pro?

Path to Pro is a tournament-like mode in game that will extend the ranked journey beyond Radiant. Using this route, competitive players can become professional players if they have the right skills.

In 2022, the Valorant esports scene is packed with fresh talent, making it tricky for smaller regions to get noticed. This new in-game mode will allow all players an equal opportunity to gain exposure and put their names on the map. This system will directly integrate with Valorant’s esports ecosystem, providing the most competition-hungry players worldwide a rewarding challenge beyond ranked. Those who fare well on these boards will get an opportunity to qualify for domestic leagues in their region.

Currently, retaining the top spot on the Radiant leaderboard is no picnic. Oftentimes, insanely skilled players may find it easy and lose purpose to compete. The new Valorant Path to Pro will provide a new purpose for talented individuals. Not just that, but this mode will serve as a new method for esports to scout their region’s most promising talent.

By doing well in this mode, players will automatically enter the official esports scene by becoming the top preference of organizations in their region. Top-ranked teams will be given a chance to qualify for their respective domestic leagues and take steps on their path to pro.

The newly introduced domestic leagues will offer the next step up for the best players in the region with higher levels of organized competition. All of this ties in with VCT, which would be the ultimate goal of the rising talent in Path to Pro.