shroud might need a third surgery after his scooter accident

By Olivia Richman


Oct 24, 2019

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Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Michael “shroud” Grzesiek might need another arm surgery. 

The popular streamer discussed his ongoing health issues during a recent stream, informing his fans that he might need another surgery to treat injuries sustained during his scooter accident in March. Though he wasn’t off camera for long, and went on to compete in an Apex Legends tournament soon after, the damage to the ligaments and bones in his elbow might require him to go under the knife for a third time. 

“If I actually, truly can’t get mobility back through physical therapy, he has one more thing he does as his last treatment. It will 100 percent give me my range of motion back. It’s for those cases where they can’t get it back,” shroud explained during a stream. 

Still, it will be months of physical therapy before shroud will know for sure if he will need surgery. 

At the moment, the streamer’s arm is in a splint and brace. If this doesn’t give him the 140-degree range of motion he enjoys in his right arm, then he will get the third surgery. Currently, he can only move his left arm 130 degrees. 

“Those last ten degrees are really, really hard. But that’s also assisted, right? I have to be able to do it non-assisted, which is really challenging. I’ll see what happens after the new splint I’m going to get,” shroud explained.

At that point, a viewer asked what he did with the scooter that caused all of this to happen. shroud said after it broke, he gave it away to someone to “do whatever they wanted with it.” He did note that the scooter might be fixable, but it doesn’t seem like he wants it back after all that has happened. 

shroud has been playing a lot of Apex Legends and CSGO lately, although he did give Fortnite a quick try when Chapter 2 came out. But shroud soon revealed to his fans that he probably wouldn’t be playing the game again any time soon. 


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