Bind is the worst map

shroud explains why Bind is the worst map in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 28, 2022

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Valorant has seven maps so far, each bringing a new tech to the table. Bind’s Teleporters are unique, but Michael “shroud” Grzesiek isn’t a fan.

Popular Twitch streamer shroud has years of first-person shooter experience under his belt. Thanks to his brilliant career, his verdict on all things shooter has weightage. While he is known for his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive MVPs, shroud has recently taken a liking to Valorant. The game’s agents may have impressed shroud, but he’s not satisfied with map design.

In a recent Valorant stream, shroud expressed how Bind is the worst map in the game. According to him, no other poor location could compare to Bind’s mid-less layout.

Bind is one of the most-played Valorant maps due to its teleporters and exciting scenery. Almost all Valorant agents shine on this location, which is why players love to battle it out on Bind. The magical TPs facilitate dozens of new strategies, but shroud doesn’t think they make up for the middle.

All FPS five-versus-five defusal maps have a few things in common: bomb points, two spawns, and a mid-area. When Bind rolled in with just two sites connected through Teleporters, players were a bit shocked. But, the meta settled eventually.

Still, shroud doesn’t think it’s a good layout. According to him, it’s a “shit” design and easily the only bad map in Valorant.

“(Bind) is the only worst map. There’s no mid. Having a mid on every map is super essential for rotates, lurk, and timing. But, instead, you got a shit hole of a map,” shroud said.

On Bind, mid has been replaced by Teleporters that transfer players from one site to another. The small sizes are connected with doors that allow for quick rotations. While shroud agrees that this is a unique tech, it doesn’t make up for “super essential” mid.

Is Bind the worst map in Valorant?

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shroud isn’t entirely wrong. FPS maps have a typical design that bolsters competitive play. Riot Games introduced a new mid-less map in hopes of refreshing the standard layout, but it doesn’t seem to suit the Valorant style.

Fracture also introduced a new double spawn feature, which is pretty balanced. However, Bind is a bit complicated as one side ends up having the edge over the other.

Attackers often exploit the TP tech by over-rotating and executing multiple fakes in one round. This can be tough to tackle on the side of the defense. So shroud has a good point. However, players still like the Bind for its Teleporters and dusty scenery.