Best agents on Bind

What’s the best Valorant agent to play on Bind?

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 27, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Bind’s dusty bomb points aren’t tricky to enter or defend, but the map’s small size still makes it challenging one to play. But there are some agents that may increase your odds of winning on Bind. 

Maps like Breeze, Fracture, Icebox may have torn players into two, but almost all Valorant players enjoy Bind. The desert-themed location is small, tactical, and brings unique teleporters to Valorant. However, dealing with those TPs can sometimes be stressful. We have picked out the best agents on Bind equipped with suitable kits. 

Best Valorant agents to play on Bind

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These are the top five agents to play on Bind in the current patch. 


If you’re looking for a suitable duelist on Bind, Raze is your best pick. The destructive showstopper can render heavy damage on enemies, hiding behind tight corners. Bind has tons of sharp cuts and chokepoints where enemies take cover. Raze can bury them into their safe spots with her bazooka, nades, and an intel-gathering robot. 

In ranked games, Raze has the highest pick rate on map Bind. 20.4% of competitive Valorant players prefer her over other duelists for her death-dealing kit, according to Valorbuff


Bind’s teleporter makes it extremely tough to hold an angle for longer than ten seconds. Enemies can easily TP through the backlines and shoot you unexpectedly. Having a Sentinel that watches flank and deals damage is crucial to winning on Bind. Killjoy fits the profile perfectly. Players still refrain from picking her as her kit can be a bit dull, but she’s the best agent on Bind for those who’re playing to win. 


Viper’s ultimate can be deadly on Bind’s small-sized bomb points. Bind’s layout that has sites attached with entrances heavily favors Viper’s kit. For example, Hookah leads directly to B and showers adjacent to A. If Viper manages to get close in Hookah and Shower, no one can stop her from getting Spike planted in her ultimate. The poison pit spreads throughout the site, allowing her team a safe route towards the bomb point. 


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Bind’s bomb points aren’t tricky, but the map’s small size makes it challenging one to play. We have picked out the best agents on Bind.

Clearing close angles like A site’s lamps and B’s elbow becomes a menace in a team without an Initiator. Breach is your best bet to keep enemies away while your team moves inside on attack. The agent can help concuss enemies and keep them from planting the Spike with his earthquake on defense. He’s a versatile agent who also fills as duelist when it comes to it. 


The latest Valorant agent is cut out for larger locations where his Operator and Sheriff shine the most. However, his teleport and slow bot make him a jack of all trades. On Bind, Chamber takes the form of a deadly duelist despite his Sentinel kit. He can play insane tricks combining his teleporters with Bind’s TP and confuse enemies. His Trademark bot allows his team to push in safely without worrying about enemy flanks.