shroud back on Mixer after emergency room trip for back pain

By Olivia Richman


Oct 31, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Things were looking quite positive for Michael “shroud” Grzesiek after his switch to Mixer. He got a touching farewell video from Twitch along with some great numbers on his first night at the new streaming platform. Unfortunately, shroud has recently run into a few health issues. 

A few days ago, shroud went to an urgent care clinic after some serious back pain. In response, his doctor had told him to rest. Listening to that advice, shroud wasn’t online at all yesterday. 

“Sorry dudes,” shroud tweeted. “No stream today. Went to urgent care last night about my back pain. Doctor gave me some meds and said it’d be a good idea to take a day or two to rest.”

In the past five days since he moved to Mixer, shroud has played a little over 50 hours. A lot of this time had been spent playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Playing games for an average of 10 hours a day has most likely led shroud to the unbearable back pain. 

The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro wasn’t able to take the “day or two” off, as recommended by the doctor. Earlier today, shroud was already back on Mixer. 

“Gaming with pain, baby,” he tweeted. 

Seeing as shroud just signed a contract with Mixer last week, he most likely feels pressure to prove himself on his new platform. 


Interestingly enough, this isn’t shroud’s only health-related issue this year. On October 24, shroud told his followers that he might need a third surgery on his arm following a freak scooter accident. 

The streamer explained that he was going to attempt to get more mobility in his arm through physical therapy the next few months before deciding if he needs another surgery. For now, he’s going to be wearing a splint to help with the vigorous arm exercises. 

The fateful scooter accident took place in March. shroud’s roommate Justin “Just9n” Ortiz had told shroud’s fans that after hitting the brakes too hard, shroud “flew over the handlebars about 10 to 12 feet,” ultimately hitting the asphalt. 

“He landed on his elbow, put a huge hole in his elbow and from what I understand, he tore a ligament and removed … a piece of bone from his elbow,” Just9n explained. 

Although shroud had gone on to play in an Apex Legends tournament after one of his arm surgeries, it’s clear that this is a bigger issue than shroud is making it out to be, as the physical therapy and surgery talk continues. 


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