Second CS2 major rumored for Shanghai, China

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 23, 2023

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The first major of CS2 has already been confirmed for March, but the second in Shanghai may have already been leaked.

Counter-Strike 2 is imminent, and players know it. Between the constant updates to the beta test and the slated summer release season, it’s clear that Valve is in the final stretch of development. The company has already confirmed plans for the new game’s first major, though that event’s location is still under wraps. However, the city for the follow-up may already be confirmed. 

Shanghai Major possibly planned for CS2 

The news comes from HLTV editor-in-chief Milan “Striker” Svejda, who revealed the news through HLTV’s publication wing. The sources for the information were not revealed, and Valve has issued no public statements on the leak. 

According to mysterious sources, the second CS2 major is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, China in December 2024. That will mean two CS2 majors in 2024, with the first taking place in March. The event will be organized by PGL in coordination with Perfect World, which publishes CSGO in China. It’s safe to assume that the company will maintain control of the game for CS2.

Perfect World CS2
China CSGO Release

CSGO’s popularity in China has exploded. While exact player counts are not known, the game appears to have gained hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of players over the past few years. The impact is particularly felt in the high-end trading scene, as Chinese collectors have traded for some of the most famous skins in the game.

The question then becomes if there will be any home country representation in the competition. Valve has previously hosted RMR events for Asia-Pacific, but few Chinese teams have managed to make the cut. Tyloo and Rare Atom have historically been the most competitive teams at RMR events, but both failed to qualify for the event over Australian and Mongolian teams. With a huge meta shakeup coming in CS2, Chinese fans will hopefully have a home team to root for at the Shanghai Major.


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