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Overpass is now in CS2 beta and it’s unrecognizable

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 18, 2023

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Overpass has replaced Nuke in Counter-Strike 2, and players couldn’t be happier about it. The two-story iconic locale looks cleaner and sharper in Source 2 visuals. 

CS2 is in its final stages of testing if leaks of its release date are to be believed. Instead of allotting a whole month to each map, Valve is quickly swapping out locations to test all of them before the official launch at the end of the summer of 2023. After just 18 days of testing, the developer has pulled the plug on Nuke

After testing out Dust 2, Mirage, and then Nuke, Valve has reshuffled the maps, adding a brand new location to the CS2 beta. Overpass is the next competitive map, whereas Vertigo will be playable in casual modes. 

Overpass is now in CS2 beta

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Overpass is known for its complex layout that expands across two floors. Despite the intricacy, it’s a top favorite map of the CS playerbase. Now, it’s returning to the new rendition of Valve’s FPS, and Overpass in Source 2 looks jaw-dropping. 

Valve shared a short snippet from in-game, which is now making the rounds in the CS community. The water area on Overpass B-site has always been stagnant, with little to no movement. However, Source 2 luster has the well and the areas around it shining under the sunlight. The water is also flowing in a realistic motion, making subtle sounds. 

While the visuals are a sight for sore eyes, the upgrades would also add to the tactical play. Besides water, the overall aesthetic of Overpass is now much cleaner. Notably, the dragon on the playground is also dipped in brighter colors, as opposed to CSGO’s golden one. 

The overall layout remains the same, with major visual upgrades to the map’s walls, doors, and greenery. So, despite zero design changes, players may still feel like Overpass has undergone a major revamp. 


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