Dragon Lore skin sells for $265,000 ahead of CS2 release

By Kenneth Williams


Jun 17, 2023

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A Dragon Lore decked out in iBP Katowice holos just sold for an insane amount of money.

The CSGO skin market is in a frenzy thanks to the imminent release of Counter-Strike 2. Top-tier skins have been selling for insane amounts, with even more niche skins fetching six-digit prices. Now, a truly top-tier AWP deal has gone through, possibly making it the final real estate-sized deal before the Source 2 port.

The skin in question is a factory new AWP | Dragon Lore with four Katowice 2014 holo stickers. A deal was struck between famous cosmetic investor yuQ and established Chinese collector Pink Sao Pig. The deal was later publicized by esports personality Jake Lucky through social media, with a reported sale price of $265,000. 

This skin also has a special X-factor in that it has been used by some of the most famous professional players in CSGO esports. Its list of users includes Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev and Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov, two of the world’s most famous AWPers.

However, its reputation is only a small part of why this particular skin is so valuable.

What makes this 4x iBP Dragon Lore so expensive?

With four of the second-most valuable stickers on the game’s original halo AWP, this iBP Dragon Lore is worth every penny of its insane selling price.

The biggest factor is the skin itself. The Dragon Lore was the de facto ultimate skin for much of CSGO’s life cycle, though the 661 blue gem AK-47 and AWP | Gungnir have emerged as worthy rivals. Lores still remain extremely expensive, and the current supply is basically all that remains.

4x iBP Dragon Lore factory new

The second factor in the insane price is the particular skin’s float value. This is the fourth-cleanest AWP | Dragon Lore in existence, with a float value of 0.00003238. It’s also the cleanest Dragon Lore with four Katowice holos of any variety. With the second-cleanest example being trade banned, it’s technically bronze on the tradable podium.

Lastly, the iBP stickers are the final, and possibly most important, factor pushing this AWP | Dragon Lore’s price to the ceiling. Katowice 2014s are the most coveted stickers in the game, with nothing even coming close. iBuyPowers are the second-most expensive, beaten only by Titans. The unapplied value of those stickers is currently valued at $267,976, according to Cantry.dev.


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