CS2 cheater detected

CS2 players happy with VAC Live after it bans cheaters mid-game

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 5, 2023

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In a first, Counter-Strike player are happy with Valve and VAC Live. Sharing videos of live penalties, CS2 players are praising the new anti-cheat for actually working. 

The tales of cheating in CSGO are plenty. Unfortunately, Valve never fixed the cheating problem in CSGO in a way that players wanted, but CS2 is different. According to the community, the game still has hackers at the highest level, but VAC has been doing a decent job justifying the “Live” in its name. 

Multiple players have taken to Reddit to share their positive experiences with VAC Live, where a red banner appears mid0-game, alerting everyone that the match has ended. 

“VAC Live has detected a cheater and ended the match. This match will not affect your skill rating,” the banner reads.

VAC Live is detecting cheaters mid-game

This has happened to many casual players in CS2 who were sure they were playing against a hacker. Previously, however, reports rarely ever resulted in Insta-ban, but that’s not the case in CS2.

Multiple videos show hackers getting banned live and matching ending in the middle. Even CS pro player Fredrik “REZ” Sterner had encountered a hacker, and his match was instantly terminated. 


This is a fresh breath of air for fans who had their qualms about VAC Live, but it seems that the anti-cheat works after all. Other players also shared Leetify DMs informing them about a hacker getting penalized.

However, the community thinks a low trust factor could also be related to many hackers getting caught. Unfortunately, there’s no way to check your trust factor in CS2, but cheaters getting caught is still a positive change. 

CS2 cheaters

So far, players are satisfied with Valve’s anti-cheat, even though cheaters keep appearing in CS2. It remains to be seen how long this ban wave continues until fewer cheaters are left in the game. 

How to check cheaters banned in CS2

Are you also curious to see who was cheating in your ranked games? Leetify keeps an eye on them for you. Here’s how to track cheaters banned in CS2.

All you have to do is add Leetify as friends on Steam and keep checking your DMs for stats and banned enemies. You can also check out the enemy’s history, including players they regularly queue with, win rate, games played, etc. All of this should return once Valve enables demo and recording. 


CS2 care package

Players hopeful after Valve adds Overwatch to expose CS2 cheaters

Only “trusted” players will be Overwatch investigators. 

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 26, 2024