KennyS says CS2 is unplayable ahead of potential release

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 21, 2023

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Legendary player Kenny “KennyS” Schrub thinks Counter-Strike 2 is far from perfect, a week ahead of the potential release.

A few critics have pinpointed faults in CS2, calling out Valve for poor development and flaws in a game that used to be near-perfect. Now, KennyS has joined the conversation, claiming that CS2 is unplayable in its current state. 

Taking to X, the former CS pro shared a video where his bullet barely scraped the enemy, but he still ended up killing them. This weird interaction left him shocked, saying that the only way to kill an enemy is to “not aim at them.”

In CSGO, you must be insanely accurate with your taps and sprays to secure a kill. Shooting should also be the same in CS2 since CSGO’s gameplay was near-perfect, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. KennyS bagged a free kill while strafing and shooting an enemy with half a bullet. 

The video started a discussion with fans of the game pouring in to defend CS2, but KennyS stands with his initial stance that CS2 isn’t yet ready to be played at the pro level. According to him, the game has great potential and could be as perfect as CSGO, but it’s currently unplayable. 

“You gotta be completely delusional thinking the current state of CS2 is playable. It is a beta and has plenty of room to become even better than CSGO, but [right now] it’s totally unplayable,” he explained. 

Is CS2 better than CSGO? KennyS says no

According to KennyS, CS2 is currently not better than CSGO, but it could be better when released worldwide. 

The community believes that CS2 feels too noob-friendly. Their arguments include the accuracy while running, ping advantage, and some new features. However, the ping advantage is certainly real, especially after the recent update, which heavily sets those with high ping a step back. 

In any case, KennyS’ claim that CS2 is “unplayable” is definitely strong, considering the positive reviews pouring in. If there’s any area that could use work, it’s likely VAC Live. The Premier mode is swarmed with hackers topping the charts through illegal means. 


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