Roblox getting sued after children gamble Robux

By Olivia Richman


Aug 22, 2023

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Roblox is being sued after parents caught their children gambling Robux.

While Roblox Corporation prohibits gambling on in-game items, illegal third-party websites like BloxFlip and RBLXWild are still used to gamble with Robux. Now, parents are blaming Roblox for their children losing money and becoming addicted to gambling.

According to the lawsuit, parents are accusing Roblox Corporation of not doing enough to shut down the illegal gambling sites, even though they are heavily advertised on TikTok and other social media platforms that children frequently use.

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Roblox getting sued over illegal gambling

On August 15, a law firm representing angry parents of Roblox-addicted children filed a class action lawsuit against Roblox Corporation. The lawsuit stated that parents blame Roblox for permitting these third-party sites to accept Robux wagers.

According to the lawsuit, Roblox Corporation is benefiting from these illegal gambling sites since Roblox tracks every Robux transaction, even ones made outside of the game. Roblox receives a 30% share of each transaction, including the ones made on illegal sites.

A lot of people in the gaming community sided with the parents, agreeing that Roblox never seems to do anything about “serious issues.”

But a Roblox spokesperson responded to the accusations, telling Dexerto that the third-party sites have no “legal affiliation” to Roblox, blaming “bad actors” for using Roblox’s intellectual property illegally.

“Roblox has teams and processes in place to investigate these types of websites to protect our brand and platform, including, where possible, having the websites removed. In some cases, we engage with law enforcement as part of our efforts,” the statement read.