RiotX Arcane begins Undercity Nights heading into finale

By Nicholas James


Nov 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

RiotX Arcane is Riot Games’ massive month-long, multi-title event meant to sweep up millions of players into the hype around its animated show, which has been debuting on Netflix. Following Progress Day after the first act, Undercity Nights is the title given to the second stretch of rewards, missions, and more coming to Riot’s various titles.

This week’s unique cosmetic in League of Legends is Arcane Vi, which seems to be slightly ahead of Arcane’s current plot pace, given that Vi has acquired her sleek red jacket but hasn’t yet picked up Jayce’s Atlas Gauntlets, though those did make their premiere in the second act. Arcane Vi can be unlocked in the same way as all the other Arcane-themed skins: Simply play three games or win one in any game mode in League of Legends.

The Undercity Nights announcement also touched on Valorant’s new agent, Chamber, as well as Teamfight Tactics’ new set, Gizmos and Gadgets. The League of Legends client is getting a green glow to match the Chemtech aesthetic of Zaun.

What is the Riot Gauntlet?

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A new event has been announced as a part of Undercity Nights, the Riot Gauntlet.

Riot has long had internal tournaments and events for staff, but the Riot Gauntlet is bringing the opportunity to dunk on developers to the live streaming community. On November 20, Riot Games employees will face off against content creators across their various titles for a $100,000 charity donation prize pool.

The last event, only available in Los Angeles, is the Secret Cinema live event called Enter the Undercity. This event aims to bring the undercity of Zaun to life. Fans can still get tickets to the event ahead of its short run. Undercity Nights will run until November 20, with Arcane’s finale going live on Netflix at 12 am PST that day.


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