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Riot rewards free VP to a Valorant player for hilarious Neon drawing

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 14, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has been feeling extra generous as they’ve just rewarded a fan with free 55 Valorant points for a questionable drawing. 

Valorant has heaps of pricey skins that not all players can afford to buy. The developer has been helpful enough to grant extra VP if someone lacks a few to buy their favorite skin. However, this player managed to get more out of the developer by drawing the latest agent, Neon

Riot Games earlier confirmed that players could get a maximum of 50 VP to complete their purchase amount. Players must draw Valorant-related art to impress the developers to get the extra VP. Unluckily, Valorant player Emperyan needed a little above 50 VP to buy the shiny new battle pass. The player still tried his luck and messaged Riot Games with an interesting sketch of Neon. 

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The artist took to MS paint to create Neon’s version of Sanic, a popular, badly drawn Sonic. Emperyan used Neon blue colors and added the classic yellow streaks to her hair and vest. The final drawing looked nothing like Riot’s new agent, but it sure resembled the infamous Sanic art piece. While the sketch was poor, Emperyan scored full marks for creativity and wit. 

Riot awards a player with free VP for a drawing 

Emperyan submitted his drawing to Riot Games and received bonus VP for his creative idea. The developers liked the art so much that they made an exception for him by giving him 55 VP. 

Another Riot employee Brentmeister saw his art and offered to gift him the rarest gun buddy “fist bump” in Valorant. Only a few players own this gun charm as it’s one of the rarest ones in the game.

According to the developers, the artist has provided a new mascot for the Riot team to use in their conversations. While this is a hilarious story, it also proves that Riot might make exceptions if you’re creative enough. 

How to get free VP in Valorant?  

Innovative players can get bonus VP from Valorant developers by showing off their skills. Here’s how players can request free VP: 

  • Submit a support ticket to Riot here.
  • Choose “general” as your request type.
  • Wait for an email from Riot to see if they are willing to give VP.
  • Draw something unique for your submission. 
  • Send it to Riot, and the VP should appear in your account in a few days.