Valorant agent Neon

Is Neon the key to reaching Valorant Map 8?

By Nicholas James


Jan 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Neon, the lightning-empowered Radiant, is the latest agent to join both the game Valorant and the in-lore Valorant Protocol.

Thanks to clues in Neon’s promotional media, voice messages inside Valorant, and even more, it looks like Neo is the key to getting access to the next map. Valorant’s next map seems likely to be set in Lisbon, Portugal, on the mirror version of Earth 1 in a darker timeline with evil versions of each of the agents.

Is the next Valorant map on another Earth?

Valorant’s storyline is centered around Future Earth, the normal version of our planet that most of the game represents. Invasions from another reality have been striking the planet, stealing a mysterious magical material known as Radianite. Radianite has wild properties and grants many of the Valorant agents their superpowers, and it seems that the darker version of Future Earth has run out of it and is stealing from Future Earth to get it.

Recent lore surrounds the Everett-Linde facility, where the map Fracture is set. The Everett-Linde facility is a scientific facility that exists on both sides of the dimensional barrier between the versions of Earth. After the teleporter was destroyed, the mirrored versions of the facility were smashed together by the sudden collapse of their stable dimensional link.

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This seems to be setting up for Future Earth’s Valorant team to head into the other version of earth, specifically in Lisbon. A map of Lisbon can be seen in the new “Warm Up” cinematic, hanging in the back of a common room the agents are hanging out in.

Voice interactions and memos that have been progressively added over recent months catalog Killjoy trying to recreate the interdimensional travel that was once possible at the Everett-Linde facility before the explosion. However, until recently she was without a consistent power source that could power such a futuristic device.

How is Neon involved in the next Valorant map?

Chamber seems to have set Killjoy up with Neon in order to help her power the teleporter that he provided her from his time at Everett-Linde.

Neon is the perfect fit to power the teleporter technology we’ve seen on Breeze and other sites, given that she appeared above a volcano from a portal of blue lightning and was adopted by a scientist. The depiction of this portal in a Valorant player card seems identical to depictions of other teleporters.

Is Map 8 called Omega in Valorant?

Neon seems to be the answer, with new voice lines pointing to her integration with the teleporter going well. Sage speaks about getting ready to arrive at “Omega,” which could be either a codename for the other version of their world or even the new map’s name.

The map seems likely to be set in Lisbon, on a dark version of earth that has lost its Radianite. This will be the first map to take place fully on the other version of Future Earth and Neon will likely be the one that powers the teleporter to get them there.