Chamber nerfs Valorant

Riot reveals more nerfs are coming for Chamber in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games revealed that Chamber is still facing some rebalancing, and the overpowered initiator is in line for more nerfs to his toolkit. 

Few new characters in Valorant had the immediate impact Chamber did. The agent’s pick rate took off within weeks of his release, making him the centerpiece of most gaming-winning compositions. Players sent a litany of complaints to Riot regarding Chamber’s strength and the developer responded. His toolkit got hit with multiple nerfs in patch 5.03, but Chamber remains dominant in current queues as one of the best agents across all categories. 

Chamber recently got substantial nerfs to his toolkit, but the players weren’t satisfied. Riot Games is still closely observing Chamber for more nerfs. 

Chamber may get more nerfs in Valorant

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In patch 5.03, Chamber was hit with price hikes on abilities, ult point increases, and longer cooldowns. However, players highlighted that the mechanics of his Operator and Pistol are the problem areas, not the price tag. The developer is now examining the changes, contemplating further nerfs for the initiator. 

In the latest State of the Agents blog, the developer agreed that Chamber has a negative effect on the Valorant ecosystem, which is why they may roll out new changes. 

“We’ll nerf Chamber in ways that should make drawbacks of picking him sharper with the intention that our best players shouldn’t always gravitate towards Chamber,” the developer said. 

According to the blog, some agents are incredibly powerful with a high learning curve, which is why they have a low play rate. The decreased play time doesn’t equal a bad toolkit. Instead, the game meta in the certain MMR makes them seem unviable.

While this theory applies to most agents, that’s not the case with Chamber. His pick rate increases dramatically as players get better at the game, becoming a must-pick on many maps. 

The unique nature of Chamber’s kit has made him a troublesome agent that has become too hard to handle. While recent nerfs were significant, they didn’t necessarily change much in either high or low-ranked games. However, players shouldn’t lose hope. A nerf or a balance for Chamber is on the horizon as the developer analyses his kit in the current meta.