Riot reveals highly-anticipated Rell rework and date

By Nicholas James


May 17, 2023

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Riot Games has revealed the release date for the upcoming Rell rework, and it’ll be here faster than you might have expected.

Riot Games has been moving away from full Visual Gameplay Updates for a while now, instead deciding to introduce Midscope Updates to fix gameplay and Aesthetic Sustainability Updates to solve outdated appearances. The next champion to receive one of the gameplay refreshes with a Midscope Update will be Rell.

League of Legends developer Riot Games has announced when the new version of the Iron Maiden will hit Summoner’s Rift.

Rell rework abilities and date

Riot Games has revealed that Rell will hit the PBE on Wednesday, May 17, and will release on Summoner’s Rift on Wednesday, May 27. The studio also revealed the new abilities of the Noxian cavalier, looking to change the ways that she plays.

Here are Rell’s abilities after her Midscope Update.

  • Passive – Break the Mold: Rell’s auto-attacks and abilities steal 3% Armor and 3% Magic Resistance, stacking up to 15% per target. Rell can steal resistances from multiple opponents, allowing her to gain 15% of up to 5 members of the enemy team’s resistances.
  • Q – Shattering Strike: Rell thrusts her lance in front of her, stunning targets for 0.75 seconds, destroying all shields on the targets, and dealing magic damage.
  • W – Ferromancy – Crash Down/Mount Up: Rell’s W is very similar to what it was before. Crash Down causes Rell to leap into the air before slamming to the ground. When Rell is dismounted, she gains attack speed and attack range and is no longer slowed. She’ll be slower early while dismounted and faster in the late game. There’s also been a slight tweak to allow her to jungle potentially.
  • E – Full Tilt: Rell passively gains movement speed while mounted. Activating Full Tilt, Rell and a target ally gain ramping movement speed, doubled towards enemies or each other. After one second, Rell’s next attack or Q, does AoE magic damage equal to a percentage of the target’s maximum health.
  • R – Magnet Storm: Rell pulls enemies in an area around her towards her for 2 seconds. Enemies pulled by Magnet Storm take magic damage and will be moved alongside Rell as she walks.

How will this affect Rell?

These changes to Rell are meant to change the dynamic of her playstyle. Previously, Rell wanted to be mounted during a fight and re-mount as quickly as possible when dismounted in order to layer crowd control. With her new E, passive, and ultimate, Rell is meant to charge into fights and spend her time disrupting enemies.

She’ll be less binary and much more able to find fights and opportunities to excel both mounted and dismounted.


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