What will the Rell rework be?

By Nicholas James


Mar 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games revealed a lot of its process to updating champions in a series of new developer blogs, with some peeks at the new Iron Maiden. So what will the Rell rework be?

Riot Games has started to publish regular Developer Updates that take fans behind the scenes of the creation and maintenance of League of Legends. This was accompanied by several blog posts, one which delved into the new Skarner rework, and another that addresses the Rell rework.

What can fans learn about the Iron Maiden’s new form and what Riot plans to do with her?

What will change in the Rell rework?

In an article titled “The Midscope Process & Rell,” Riot Games employees Terra “Riot Yasuna” Ray and Stephen “Riot Raptor” Auker took fans through the upcoming Rell rework. Firstly, the new Rell midscope update will lean into Rell’s mounted and dismounted play fantasy.

Riot Games wants Rell to feel fast when she’s mounted, like she can charge enemies down atop her metal steed, and like a formidable fighter in her own right when unmounted.

The blog post revealed that Rell would be getting a brand new E and Q. Her Q will now be more impactful in both forms and will have the stun previously attached to her E.

Rell’s new E is an exciting new mechanic that seems to have stuck as a central part of her new kit. Riot hasn’t deigned to reveal exactly what it is just yet, but it sounds like the studio is 100% set on this new ability for her. The studio is still working on the finishing touches for Rell, from her VFX and SFX to fixing bugs, but her new kit is ready to go.

Riot Games revealed that the next champions to get midscopes would be Neeko, which was already announced, followed by Ivern. Ivern’s new midscope will involve making Daisy more usable and prominent.


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