Riot reveals controversial buffs to Yasuo and Yone in patch 12.7

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The upcoming League of Legends patch 12.7 will be a bit more controversial than most updates thanks to both Yasuo and Yone receiving buffs. 

After the champions were thrown out of the meta recently, the two aggressive brothers might be back in more solo queue and professional games due to the upcoming patch. In the recent patch preview, it was revealed that Riot will be looking to shake up the meta with buffs to a total of 10 champions, but it was Yasuo and Yone who drew the most attention. 

The two powerful champions will see buffs to their cooldowns and even early-game power in Yasuo’s case. Although though there are bigger buffs coming to other champions in this patch, buffs to the two brothers are always something that will get solo queue players up in their chairs. 

What changes are coming to Yasuo and Yone?

The biggest buffs are coming to Yasuo, who will see an increase in his base health and a reduction in cooldown to his Last Breath ultimate in its first level. These changes will give Yasuo some extra early-game power, possibly bringing him back into the meta as teams head to the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. 

Yasuo will still be a champion that requires a lot of skill to pull off successfully, but he will be harder to punish in the early game due to these changes. For his brother Yone, the buffs will be smaller and only affect his ultimate Fate Sealed. Just like Yasuo, he will get a reduction in cooldown but this time not before the last level of the ability. 

The lowered cooldown will make Yone more capable of fighting in the later stages of the game, where his ultimate will always be the most important ability to make plays. Yone is already sitting at some decent win rates in solo queue, which might be why Riot isn’t doing more about him. Overtuning a champion like Yone is always hard, so this light buff could be an attempt to bring him back into meta in a healthy way. 

When will LoL patch 12.7 be released?

With the complete overview of the upcoming patch, the changes will now be available for players to test on the Public Beta Environment (PBE). The changes will then be tested for a few days so Riot can make final adjustments before it hits the live servers. 

According to the League of Legends patch schedule, patch 12.7 is expected to go live on Wednesday, April 13, giving players something to look forward to very soon.


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