Yasuo and Yone buffs power up LoL’s mid lane menaces

By Nicholas James


Jan 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Two of League of Legends’ most hated solo laners are getting buffs in the next patch, with both Yasuo and Yone looking to get buffed up further.

The patch 12.2 preview was published on Twitter by Riot Games’ designers ahead of a balance update next week. One of the most notable changes is buffs to both Yasuo and Yone, after the melee critical strike carries have supposedly fallen behind. League of Legends fans seems to disagree, with many apprehensive at the thought of buffing these hyper carries.

Patch 12.2 gives Yasuo and Yone more Q damage

The patch preview was published by Riot Phlox on Twitter, detailing exactly what Riot is hoping to change about the game in patch 12.2. Each of the wind brothers is getting a 5% AD ratio increase up to 105%, meaning their Qs will now deal even more damage than an auto-attack. While it may seem a small change, both Yasuo and Yone use their Qs far more than any of their other skills over the course of the game, and adding 5% AD to every cast will add up quickly.

They aren’t the only champions getting buffs, as Volibear and Nocturne are receiving small stat buffs to help their clear speeds while Tristana, Senna, and Samira are all getting a boost. Of those, Senna’s change is the most impactful, with her Q now applying a scaling slow to compensate for the loss of the Glacial Augment keystone rune in the preseason.

Patch 12.2 nerfs Lethal Tempo

Some champions get power level nerfs like Shen and Qiyana, but the biggest changes come in the system adjustments arriving in this patch. Lethal Tempo will grant less attack speed early, but more attack speed later into the game as champions that take it continue to level up. At the same time, Hextech Drake’s dragon soul is becoming stronger while the controversial Chemtech Drake is having both its soul and terrain made less punishing for teams fighting into them.


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