Riot reveals Arcane soundtrack featuring Pusha T and Sting

By Nicholas James


Oct 28, 2021

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Riot’s flagship animated series, Arcane, is coming to Netflix in November and the company is whetting fans’ appetites by previewing the star-studded soundtrack for the show.

The tracks were previewed in batches associated with each act of Arcane. The first act features “Playground” by Bea Miller, “Our Love” by Curtis Harding and Jazmine Sullivan, and “Goodbye” by Ramsey. The preview teaser features a burning dockside, as the first episodes are likely to center around Vi and Jinx’s traumatic childhoods in the undercity of Zaun, the tracklist’s names also suggest a sibling dynamic torn asunder.

These three songs will release alongside the first act of Arcane on November 6. Unlike most Netflix series, Arcane is set to drop in batches. More songs from the Arcane soundtrack will drop with each premiere.

Arcane soundtrack brings in Pusha T, Imagine Dragons

The second portion of the Arcane soundtrack includes “Dirty Little Animals” by Bones UK, “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons & JID, and “Guns For Hire” by WOODKID.

This art depicts an older Jinx peering off a Zaun rooftop, holding a blue flare-like object aloft. This falls in line with the expectation that each act of Arcane will happen at different times along the timeline of Piltover and Zaun.

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The final act of Arcane boasts heavy hitters, including five songs instead of the previous acts’ three tracks. The songs for the third act are “Misfit Toys” by Pusha T and Mako, “Dynasties and Distopias” by Denzel Curry, Gizzle, and Bren Joy, “Snakes” by PVRIS, and “MIYAVI, When Everything Went Wrong” by Fantastic Negrito, and “What Could Have Been” by Sting and Ray Chen.

Riot’s pulling out all the stops for Arcane, and have brought on major artists to accompany League of Legends’ animated debut. Arcane’s first episodes drop on November 6 at 7 p.m. PT.


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