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Riot reveals a new feature to punish casual toxicity in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is now keeping track of even the slightest mischief in Valorant through a new disruptive gameplay-based behavior indicator. 

Not all misdemeanors in Valorant are worthy of a permanent ban. Riot has put a system in place that slaps players with soft bans, timeouts, and light punishments for breaching rules that don’t necessarily threaten competition. However, repeated toxicity that’s not precisely cheating drives new players away and ruins the in-game experience. For this reason, Riot Games has introduced an equivalent of “writing the names of naughty students on the chalkboard.”

The disruptive gameplay-based behavior indicator is exactly what it reads like, highlighting players who disturbed a game at the end of each match.

How does disruptive gameplay-based behavior indicator work? 

In patch 5.06, Riot games revealed a disruptive gameplay-based behavior indicator coming to Valorant. The new system will name and shame toxic players at the end of a game. 

Since not all disruptive demeanors call for a ban, Riot has introduced a feature that will show at the end of the game screen which players have been detected for engaging in disruptive gameplay-based behavior. It’s been added to the following game modes: Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Replication, with more game modes to follow in the near future.

It’s unclear what acts count as “disruptive behaviors,” but the developer is likely hinting at players who indulge in injuring teammates, toxic language, staying AFK in base, and more. These are some acts that don’t always result in bans but are equally taxing for teammates. Moreover, not all players are repeat offenders, but this system may also rebuke those who’re occasional toxic. 

Riot has previously rolled out strict algorithms and features to sift out highly toxic players and cheaters. Players have reported a positive change in in-game experience, but casual toxicity remains. This new feature may encourage players to use their microphones and stay attentive during a ranked game. 

What’s a muted word list in Valorant? 

Considering the rampant bullies in Valorant, Riot Games has introduced a new feature that censors specific words. Players can add as many words to “muted” as they want, and the system would automatically sensor their variations.