Riot removes Split from Valorant to fix game-breaking bug

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 24, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

Split has been removed from Valorant for the time being thanks to a game-breaking bug that opened an unplayable spot for players. 

Valorant, like any multiplayer game, isn’t immune to random bugs and glitches. The good thing is that Riot is quick to address these in-game hiccups and iron them out in a timely manner so they impact gameplay.

This time, however, the bug was so severe that Riot had to remove an entire location from Valorant. 

Why did Riot remove Split from Valorant?

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Earlier, players spotted a bug in Valorant map Split that enabled movement-heavy players to reach a powerful point in site A.  

As a result, Riot has disabled the map from the map pool. 

“We will be removing Split from the Competitive, Unrated, Premier, Swiftplay, and Spike Rush map pools. Since the Premier map this week was intended to be Split, we will be replacing it with Ascent,” Riot said.

A-Site on Split is already a tough nut to crack due to a sharp entry point. This bug only made it difficult for attackers to set foot inside without getting annihilated by an enemy, Jett or Raze. Using the window on the tower, agents with movement abilities could jump on top of the adjacent roof, which provides a clear view of the A entrance. Since the angle is so oddly high, the enemies couldn’t do much to tackle the bugged spot. 

Many had already exploited the bug, but Riot was still quick to take notice, shutting down the map for good. The fixed map will return in patch 8.08, which means players will have to sit tight before they can play Split again. Besides this, Riot will also be fixing a Cypher bug, which kept his Trapwires up on minimap after his death.

At the time of writing, Split is unavailable in Swiftplay, Competitive, Unrated, and Spike Rush. Those who wish to play can find it in Deathmatch and Escalation mode. It has also been replaced by Ascent in Premier.