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Riot is testing a huge nerf to Chamber in Valorant right now

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Chamber is about to plummet down the win rate tables if a new nerf becomes official on live servers.

The Valorant Public Beta Environment has revealed that Riot Games is currently testing a major nerf to Chamber. His Trademark ability, which is Chamber’s main defensive tool, could go from two charges to just one. This would have a major impact on his play style, especially for more defensive players. Here’s where the information comes from and how Chamber players can get ready for the nerf.

The nerf itself is simple, but very impactful. Chamber’s Trademark mine count is reduced from two to just one. In addition, the cost is increased from 150 to 200 and the ambient noise it makes is much louder. This three-pronged nerf makes the ability a shadow of its former self. On the bright side for Chamber players, Headhunter, Rendezvous, and Tour de Force remain unchanged.

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Word of the upcoming nerf stems from Riot Game’s Public Beta Environment. The public beta system is used for testing out new nerfs and buffs before they go live in the game. It’s in this testing environment that Chamber currently only has a single Trademark mine charge to play with. 

How will Chamber Trademarks work after nerf?

Chamber players have reason to be stressed over the nerf, but there are a few things they can do to prepare for patch day.

Chamber currently occupies a slot as one of the strongest sentinels with excellent flank coverage and solid damage output, but the Trademark nerf will change that. Now that his area denial will be weaker, so players will have to lean more heavily into his damaging abilities. Headhunter and Tour de Force both rely on the player’s aim, so Chamber players ought to hit the range and practice their shots in the meantime. He will play much more like a duelist if this change goes live.

There’s also always the chance that the changes are never pushed to the main Valorant version. Riot has previously experimented with multiple buffs and nerfs only to be unsatisfied with the results. The nerf could be somewhat toned back. Riot could maintain the current price and noise level for Trademark to make up for the singlular Trademark charge.

Either way, some aim practice never hurt anyone, so it’s best to hit the range just in case. And if you’re really looking to improve your game, you might even try working with the top Valorant coaches at Metafy. High-level coaching can improve every aspect of your Valorant prowess, from aim and ability usage to positioning. If this nerf goes through, Chamber players might need every bit of help they can get.

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