Valorant UI patch 5.08

Riot Games unveils a cleaner Valorant UI for patch 5.08

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant patch 5.08 will be a big one, revamping the game’s overlay to the core.

Harbor has already been announced for Valorant’s next act. Patch 5.08 was already loaded with new content, including agent 21, and new skins, but Riot has even more to offer. The developer has teased changes coming to the overall UI/UX of Valorant. With the darker theme, the developer aims to make screens look cleaner and more modern.

In the recent blog, the developer revealed what else is coming to patch 5.08. Riot has unveiled images of a new overlay that is decluttered and clean.

The newly teased overlay is on the same beat as the agent screen released previously. The colorful agent browser was made less loud as Riot replaced agent textures with their 2D key art illustrations and updated the color schemes behind them. The same darker backgrounds will be added to the new UI/UX for match end, loading, and match found screen.

New UI for Valorant patch 5.08 revealed

“We want you to understand the importance of the team aspect of VALORANT. This new, bold team shot helps to show off your team’s MVP and your team composition while reinforcing the emotional narrative coming out of your most recent game” Riot Games said.

Blog post image

The older match end screen would take a few seconds before players could read up on their combat score. The new UI will be red for defeat and blue for victory, with the combat score written in bold for each agent on the team. The new screen is reminiscent of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s match-end overlay, where each player gets rewarded with a unique title. Valorant doesn’t have tags, but it does set the MVP in the middle.

The queue screen revealed by Riot Games also dropped some of the clutter previously crowding the screen. A new messaging and settings wheel has been added at the screen’s bottom right side, making texting more convenient. Small boxes featuring the number of players in a lobby have also been added to make inviting easier.

Valorant UI patch 5.08

The overall theme and aesthetic in Valorant patch 5.08 will be lighter yet bold. Thanks to the clean space on the backdrop of a deep blue tint, it will be easier for players to convey their intentions through Valorant’s in-game functions.

The changes will be delivered alongside Harbor, Valorant agent 21 in patch 5.08. Both of the updates will arrive sometime around October 18, 2022.