Riot Games teasing new LoL spinoffs coming through Riot Forge

By Nicholas James


Nov 14, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Forge is Riot Games’ effort to begin expanding the beloved League of Legends IP to other developers.

While it was announced as a part of League of Legends’ 10th-anniversary celebration, no games have yet been released from Riot’s label. Over the past few days, Riot Forge has been taking to Twitter to give fans cryptic glances at various locales throughout the world of Runeterra. Given some hints being laid, it looks like something big is coming in terms of Riot Forge announcements.

When do more Riot Forge games come out?

Starting on November 11, Riot Forge began to release short videos counting down towards the special November 16 broadcast. Hextech Mayhem, the rhythm runner starring Ziggs by the studio behind Bit.Trip Runner, will be launching on the same day.

The first teaser shows Miss Fortune standing before a shadowy shore, likely referencing the upcoming Ruined King game. The Ruined King was originally meant to launch earlier this year alongside the Ruination event, but was delayed repeatedly.

The second features a glimpse of Piltover’s high towers and Ziggs’ maniacal laugh. This teaser is a pretty clear tease for Hextech Mayhem. The first two teasers seem to simply be small snippets for two Riot Forge games that have already been announced. The most recent teaser shows a location that fans haven’t yet seen a game directly associated with, the Freljord.

More teasers can be expected to drop throughout the week, and it seems like lots of news will be coming through on November 16 for fans looking to experience Runeterra in new ways. An update of some kind for the previously announced CONV/RGENCE title starring Ekko will also likely come out as part of this.

With new teasers sure to come, it seems as though fans could expect major updates on the announced and several new games that haven’t yet been announced. Riot has used Arcane’s release as a major way to kickstart their publicity efforts around all titles, and Riot Forge looks to be next in line.


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