New Riot Forge game named Hextech Mayhem announced

By Nicholas James


Nov 9, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot’s move to publish other genres of games set in the League of Legends universe is getting big news this week. The latest release from Riot Forge has been announced, Hextech Mayhem.

The new game is a rhythm running game set in Piltover and starring Ziggs. The game is developed by Choice Provisions, the developers of BIT.TRIP and other games.

Riot Forge was announced as a part of Riot’s 10th-anniversary event, in which Riot announced their effort to begin shipping the League of Legends IP out to other devs who could create their own twists on the beloved world of Runeterra in genres Riot isn’t producing themselves.

The first game announced alongside Riot Forge, the Ruined King, has slated updates but Hextech Mayhem has blasted its way to the front of the line and already has a release date.

When does Hextech Mayhem release?

Hextech Mayhem will be available on the Nintendo Switch, Steam, the Epic Games Store, and on November 16 and will be coming to Netflix’s new gaming service soon.

Hextech Mayhem stars Ziggs, League of Legends’ crazy Yordle bomber, and has players jumping, running, and blasting their way through the city of Piltover to the rhythm of catchy background music. The trailer features side-scrolling gameplay where Ziggs must hit floating targets that coincide with the rhythm of the game’s music.

The game’s art style brings a simplified, cartoony depiction of the already absurd-looking Yordles. Throughout the trailer, Ziggs dashes and smashes his way past enemies, over environmental obstacles, all while chaining satisfying drum beats that give his explosions excellent impact. Heimerdinger is also featured throughout the trailer as Zigg’s chief rival.

The game will release on the same day that an Nvidia leak suggested Ruined King might emerge. Ruined King is due for an update shortly, and it is possible Riot could drop both Riot Forge titles at once.


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