Riot Games announces Arcane skins for Jayce and Vi

Nicholas James • October 19, 14:04

It’s full steam ahead on the Arcane hype train, with Riot Games’ animated series based on League of Legends set to premiere on November 6, the same day as the 2021 World Championship final. In line with the Piltover & Zaun-focused series, Riot has announced skins for some of the characters to be depicted in the series.

The League of Legends developer took to Twitter to announce Arcane Edition skins for Jayce and Vi. Both characters are key players in the upcoming animated series, being featured heavily in promotional material and trailers.

Jayce’s title, The Defender of Tomorrow, says much about the budding inventor at the time of the Arcane series. Arcane takes place before Jayce and Viktor’s friendship turns sour. Arcane Edition Jayce’s splash art depicts him standing at a podium, presenting a sleek iteration of his iconic hammer and holding up a blue Hextech crystal. Jayce appears to be presenting his newfound discoveries on a Piltovan concourse, as the stage is well decorated. It’s likely that over the course of Arcane, Jayce and Viktor will unlock the secrets of Hextech technology, something that has been hinted at in teasers.

Alongside Jayce is Vi, one of two key protagonists that Arcane focuses on alongside her sister Jinx. Vi’s art depicts her younger self with an attitude and her trademark Hextech gauntlets. Much like Jayce, Vi’s story will focus on her origins and the mysterious event that drives a wedge between herself and Jinx.

How to unlock Arcane Edition skins

There’s no information yet available about how to unlock these skins, but an Arcane-focused event certainly isn’t out of the question. With growing rumors of a new look for Caitlyn, Riot promises more information on how to unlock these skins soon.

Arcane releases on November 6 with a staggered release for its three acts. One act will be released on November 6, 13, and 20, respectively.


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