Riot Games adds more creator-safe music with Sessions: Diana

By Nicholas James


Dec 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has continued its efforts to provide League of Legends content creators with music options that don’t put them at risk of a copyright strike or claim.

Sessions: Diana is the latest free-to-use music from Riot Games Music. The set is targeted to streamers and content creators who are looking for a risk-free soundtrack to their content.

What is Sessions?

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Riot Games’ Sessions project debuted earlier this year with a long playlist of relaxing low-fi tunes themed around a particular champion. The first installment focused on Vi, one of the protagonists of Arcane. The purpose of Sessions is to provide streamers and other content creators with League of Legends-related music that they can freely use without the usual restrictions on copyrighted music.

The second round of creator-safe music was announced ahead of The Game Awards earlier this week, teased with a video of a blue-lit fairy flitting through a forest. At the time it seemed like Lillia might be getting a Session given the association with dreaming, but it turned out to be the moon’s chosen with Sessions: Diana.

Where is Sessions: Diana available?

Sessions: Diana is available both as a two-hour-long single video on Youtube, or parsed into separate songs on YouTube and Spotify. Riot encourages their content creators to use Sessions: Diana and Sessions: Vi music in their streams and content.

The Sessions: Diana video is a gorgeous stylized journey following Diana on a walk across Runeterran locations. While the songs are great, the cinematic aspect adds another level of polish to Riot’s Sessions release.

Sessions: Diana has 43 songs available for fans to use as a part of their League of Legends content. Riot Games has been making a push to better accommodate independent content creators in recent years and Sessions is a big step forwards in making high-quality video content more accessible by removing the barrier of music copyright.


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