Riot introduce a new music album for content creators called Sessions

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Streamers and content creators are in for a treat as Riot Games has just launched its new music project called Sessions. 

The first project Sessions: Vi includes a 37-song instrumental music album that will be completely free and safe for content creators to use. The album puts a big emphasis on the instrumental and has cut out any sort of lyrics in all songs. This will hopefully make the music suitable as background music on streams, YouTube videos, or other content pieces.  

Alongside Riot, several names in the world of music have helped put these tracks together. These are musicians such as Junior State, Kupla, Laxcity, Chromonicci, who are known for their beats and relaxed pieces. It’s clear that the theme of Sessions: Vi is relaxing vibes that won’t overpower a stream or content piece. 

For this first album, Riot has chosen to put Vi in the spotlight. Vi is a well-known character for the League of Legends lore and is one that most people would recognize. Vi is also confirmed as one of the main characters in the upcoming LoL animated series Arcane, which is coming to Netflix later this year. With the first album being named after Vi, it’s very likely that Riot is looking to do more in the future through other champion thematics. 

As Riot clearly stated, this music will be dedicated to the content creators that are currently struggling a lot with copyright issues. One thing is copyright rules on YouTube videos, but recently this has become a problem on the popular streaming platform Twitch as well. This puts content creators in a tough spot, where they need permission from the creator to use music. With Riot putting out 37 new tracks, streamers and YouTubers will have plenty to choose from and maybe with more to come in the future. 

Sessions: Vi is the first complete album that Riot has released since Warsongs in 2016. Riot has been making plenty of music since then, with big hits coming out of the virtual pop group K/DA and other hits from True Damage and Pentakill.  

Sessions: Vi is currently available free of charge on the biggest music streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.  


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