map repetition in Valorant

Riot claims map repetition issue has been resolved completely

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Players should notice a significant decrease in Valorant map repetition as Riot has claimed that five-map streaks have been entirely removed. 

Riot Games has been vigorously working on the map repetition issue in Valorant widely reported by players. According to the players, they often had to play the same location as many as five times in a row. After a string of complaints, the developer got to work and mended the broken system. The repetition persisted despite tweaks to the previous full random system. 

According to the developer, a new deterministic system has fixed the problem for good. Riot has been toying with this system in different regions, and a worldwide application has successfully extracted the map repetition out of Valorant.

How Riot removed map repetition in Valorant 

Riot Games has employed a new system called a deterministic map system focused on boosting map variety instead of tweaking the full random system.

Those who queue, say, ten games in a row, won’t be checked into maps that have been repeated before. The deterministic system always selects the map that minimizes streaks. If a specific map shows up too often in recent history, the game would remove that map from the selection pool altogether. Instead, the system would load the map that the ten players in the lobby had seen the least. This system came into effect in patch 4.04.

After implementing the deterministic map system, the game saw a massive decline in repetition complaints. Riot Games has claimed that five-map streaks cease to exist, whereas a mere 0.06% of players reported 4-map streaks in Valorant. This means that 1 in every 1,700 or so players had to play four maps in a row, which is surprisingly rare. The boosted variety allowed players to enjoy a range of locations without repetition.

“We feel relatively confident that deterministic map picks alleviate much of the pain regarding diversity in the map selection. Our most recent surveys also show that sentiment improved after the changes,” said Riot Games

This is how the current map rotation data compares to when Valorant was launched in 2020. 

The stats confirm Riot’s claim, but only players will be able to tell whether the changes are notable. The boosted variety would surely elevate the Valorant experience by helping players learn new maps.