Viper setup on Fracture

Retakes are completely impossible if you do this with Viper

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Viper’s kit is viable at a minimum but she becomes completely OP on a map like Fracture. Check out this new setup that blocks the spike until it blows. 

Fracture is a small map loaded with opportunities for clever plays. Popular agents may struggle on this location, as it is a playground for underrated Valorant agents. Viper is one of the best controllers to pick on this complex layout.

Her kit tilts the odds of winning by splitting areas in half with her toxic screen. Paired with her powerful ultimate, breaking into territory she controls becomes almost impossible. 

This new Viper setup on Fracture may help you win rounds by protecting the spike. Here’s how to do it. 

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How to play Viper on Fracture? 

Viper’s entire kit is required to protect the Spike on Fracture’s B site. Using her wall, molotov, and ultimate, the agent can ensure that the Spike blows. 

For this setup, lay down the classic inclined wall that paves a way into the site. Instead of planting the Spike in front of the B entrance or behind the pillar, activate it under the stairs. You may also rope a teammate into helping you to reach the ult spot quickly. Once this is done, get on top of B and stand behind the box. Press the X key by aiming toward the pattern on the crate, as shown in the video. 

The ultimate will cover the Spike, making sure that whoever enters the pit receives big damage. It’s best to hit players with damage when they are decayed inside the ult. Since it’s risky for Viper to roam around during this, her Snake Bite comes in handy. Wait for the sound cue and line up the incendiary to take down the defuser. 

Line up yourself behind the box and align the crosshair with the pit’s edge. Release the launcher to drop the Snake Bite. The molotov will bounce off the wall, landing on the Spike and within range of the defuser. To protect the bomb for longer, you may repeat the same molotov a second time or toss one from a different angle. This setup, combined with ult, will ensure a round win. 

However, this Viper setup on Fracture is only recommended when you have team backup. Try to stay mobile inside the pit since it’s a risky one. Enemies may be able to find you and your teammates easier due to the limited size of the ult area.