Redeye resigns from Code Red amid multiple assault allegations

By Nick Johnson


Jun 29, 2020

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Paul “Redeye” Chaloner has resigned from his position at Code Red Esports, according to a tweet from the talent agency’s official Twitter account. 

The resignation came just days after esports commentator James Banks accused Chaloner of years of abuse and shared images and information detailing Chaloner’s actions on Twitter. Code Red, Code Red owner Luke Cotten, and Chaloner himself initially denied the allegations. But on June 28, Banks added more information to his document that detailed a court case previously mentioned in his original accusation.

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According to a post on Reddit from a user claiming to be a juror in the case, Chaloner was tried and found not guilty of both domestic and child abuse against his wife and daughter. The user’s account has since been deleted. Soon after Code Red announced that Chaloner would step down as managing director, Chaloner released his own statement on his resignation, specifically mentioning the deleted Reddit thread.

“…but when my children were dragged into this, that went beyond any reasonable attack and became cruel and vicious… I went to court and was found not guilty,” Chaloner said.

Chaloner went on to say that he will now remove himself from the esports scene entirely and will no longer host or be involved with esports events.

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Weekend filled with allegations against Code Red Esports and Redeye

The weekend of June 27 was full of accusations against Chaloner, Cotton, and Code Red, including a story from Gfinity staff member Lewis Farley, who detailed his experience with Chaloner in a public document. Farley saidthat the esports host and commentator made Gfinity a difficult work environment by requiring him to work long hours, denying him opportunities for mental health leaves, and causing him anxiety over his job security.

In addition to the developments surrounding Chaloner, Banks also added accusations of impropriety from Cotton towards a “high-profile woman in the gaming industry.” 

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Chaloner has worked in the esports industry since its early days and hosted numerous Dota 2 and CSGO tournaments, including several editions of The International. But despite his status in the space, Chaloner has stepped away amid a wave of controversy.

He isn’t the first or the last esports personality to face public accusations in recent days. Other streamers and esports professionals have also been accused of varying abuses of power in June. New accusations are appearing almost daily against those involved in the industry, including sexual assault allegations against streamer Federico”Fedmyster” Gayton and Dota 2 personality Toby “TobiWan” Dawson.


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