Raze satchel Ascent

Raze’s satchel can break Ascent’s doors in seconds

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Ascent’s unique electric gates are a blessing and a curse at the same time, but Raze may have a solution. 

Not all Valorant maps are popular, but Ascent’s classic FPS layout caters to everyone. Whether you’re a duelist, sentinel, controller, or initiator, all categories shine on this locale, making it the community’s favorite location. While the rest of Ascent’s layout is simple, the automatic doors bring a spicy twist. They are stubborn and tricky to play around.

The metal doors require an entire clip of bullets to break open, which can be a nightmare in eco rounds. This new trick to break Ascent’s door will save you bullets and a lot of extra effort. 

Raze can open Ascent’s door with a single satchel

There’s nothing more annoying than bunny-hopping towards a site only to watch the automatic doors slide shut in your face. Fortunately, the doors are destructible, but it’s a risky move. Enemies on the other side will have an aim advantage, putting you in an awkward spot. Having a tool that loosens the screws of doors while you pre-aim predictable angles is possible. 

Raze Valorant

Placing a Raze satchel at the top of the door allows her to open the door with just one blast. Press Q to activate the charge and watch the door explode. Here are all the ways you can break open doors outside and inside on both the bomb points.

This trick works because it denies the enemy time to prepare for the fight. A fully loaded Phantom can easily shatter the door, but it also allows the opponent to position for the duel. Quickly breaking the door will add an element of surprise, increasing your odds of winning the fight. Investing in Raze’s satchel in eco rounds translates to more access around the map without wasting precious bullets. 

There is some strange behaviors with this, however. Placing the satchel from different angles or on different parts of the door yields different results, so it’s worth experimenting with this, particularly if you play with friends that want to use this for executes.