This Raze super boost is breaking Valorant’s Ascent map

By Olivia Richman


Jan 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Wait, that’s illegal!

Valorant players are concerned with a Raze “super boost” and they are calling on Riot Games to fix it. Boosting is nothing new in tactical shooters, but this particular trick is game-breaking. 

A Reddit user called Nikkyy discovered the boost on Ascent. In a now-closed thread, the player showed how to access the rooftops around the map with Raze. It might not be the easiest trick, but players who master it are guaranteed to become unstoppable with his exploit. Here’s how to perform this tricky boost. 

How to do Raze’s super boost on Ascent

Once a player finds the right spot on the map, pull out Raze’s Showstopper rocket launcher. Then toss a Blast Pack down on the ground right in front of the agent. When it detonates, Raze will do a satchel jump. During this jump, shoot off a rocket while aiming downward. This combination will result in a mega-boost that sends Raze flying into the air to an incredibly high distance. The rooftops around the mid area can be landed on with this, giving Raze an extremely strong vantage point that gives a clear line of sight to one third of the map, as well as a number of other corners.

The timing is awkward and does require both timing and precise aim that will require practice. But landing in the right spot rewards Raze players with an incredibly strong position for both offensive and defensive maneuvers. 

Unsurprisingly, Valorant fans called on Riot to fix the map almost immediately. One Reddit user said it was “way too easy” to find exploits on Ascent, noting that many users were also taking advantage of the map with Sage who can shut down retakes with Barrier Orb with no difficulty. 

Despite the uproar, Riot Games has yet to respond to the concerning footage. In the past, Riot has removed agents who caused similar concerns while they worked on a hotfix. When it was discovered that Killjoy could submerge her turrets underneath the map on Haven, the agent was disabled