Raze’s deadly Boom Bot comes to life with IRL fan-made model

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 6, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Raze’s in-game popularity may have taken a beating recently, but her loyal fans still firmly believe in her kit. One fan made a Boom Bot IRL to prove that she’s still among the best-loved agents in Valorant.

Only a few agents have retained their initial prowess. Valorant meta has evolved drastically since 2020, bringing fresh faces to the roster. With new agents, players’ options have also diversified. Many old characters released in the alpha have become outdated on certain maps. Riot continues to revitalize their kits, but players prefer fresh talent. Pheonix, Raze, and Cypher are good examples of beta agents who fell through.

Still, these characters retain a solid player base. Raze is a top pick for her satchel among movement experts. Fans usually express their love for Raze in the form of wild mobility plays, but fan Danny Lum has taken things up a notch. This fan has brought Raze’s deadly Boom Bot to real life, with actual wheels and the signature “uWu” emoji.

Danny Lum shared a progress video on his social channels, showcasing a blue Boom Bot as an homage to Raze. The tiny Boom Bot is identical to Raze’s but comes in a different color. Danny also named his robot “boomie,” a short name that players in Valorant have come up with for Raze’s device. His creation is jaw-dropping and has received an overwhelming response for its creativity and innovation.

Fan recreates Raze’s deadly Boom Bot

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The creator started from scratch, designing a 3D model and then printing it out in real life. Danny’s 3D Boom Bot has a motor installed with LED wheels and a vibrator that adds a unique gait to the robot’s speed. The tires are also slanted to match Raze’s deadly Boom Bot. The laser and motion detection was also taken into consideration to make sure it looked precisely like the bot in Valorant.

Danny completed his robot with an LCD screen that shines with the iconic smiley face. This is likely the most notable feature of the entire project. Raze’s adorable boom smile is pretty popular in the Valorant community, and Danny made sure to add it to his project. The final product is jaw-droppingly accurate.

Fans are now requesting that Danny make more of those Boom Bots and put them up for sale. However, creating another similar project would likely take quite a lot of time as the process looks to be intricate.

Whatever the case, Danny’s Boom Bot has reignited the passion of many Raze fans with his fun creation.