Raze can open Valorant Teleporters from outside with her Boom Bot

Fariha Bhatti • January 31, 00:44

Teleporters on the map Bind are meant to expedite rotations in a secure way. However, a new glitch where Raze can break into the Teleporter from outside may stop enemies from using it entirely. 

Riot Games has added a unique feature in all of the Valorant maps that set these locates apart from one another. In Bind, the Teleporters connect two bomb points, allowing agents to rotate faster. For defenders, it’s the safest way to relocate since it enables them to flank on enemies protecting the Spike. Raze is new in line to exploit the metal doors, making Teleporters a danger zone for rotating agents. 

A new bug has been observed where the duelist’s Boom Bot slides open the Teleporter instead of ricocheting. Here’s how you can replicate it in-game. 

Raze Teleporter trick on Bind

To open Hookah Teleporter, attach yourself with the left sliding door and aim at the little spot on its edge. Move your crosshair just a bit to the right and then release the Boom Bot. The Teleporter will open instantly, allowing you to camp inside the door. 

For A site Teleporter, stand in the middle where both doors connect into a zig-zag pattern. Aim upwards and place the crosshair at the bottom of the second design, as shown in the image. 

Once you get this right, deploy the Boom Bot to break open the A Laboratory. 

Teleporters are strictly one way, which is why enemies won’t expect an agent inside the doors. Using this setup, Raze could easily cut off flanks and rotations post-plant, allowing the teammates to protect the Spike from remaining angles. For the duelist, this setup forms an incredible opportunity to bag bonus kills as enemies inside Teleporter will be most vulnerable to Raze’s ambush. 

As useful as this setup maybe, repeated use should be avoided. Enemies may easily observe the pattern and find a counter strategy for the Teleporter exploit. Another drawback of the line up is the sound cues from Teleporter. This issue could be resolved by employing a crossfire setup where a teammate is around for a backup. 

Since Teleporters aren’t expected to operate both ways, it’s likely a major bug. Riot Games has previously fixed a similar glitch where Cypher could open the Teleporter with his camera, further proving that Raze’s case in no different. Most recently, Killjoy also could also exploit the doors with her kit. It seems that fixing agent abilities is no longer a viable solution, and the developer may want to revise the map itself. 


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