Pokimane apology

Pokimane still wants an apology from Ninja and Jessica Blevins

By Olivia Richman


Feb 9, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The hate raid drama has finally died down for Imane “Pokimane” Anys. The original source of her harassment, streamer JiDion, has apologized and his followers have stopped sending her threatening DMs. But Pokimane recently pointed out that there is still one thing that’s been lingering after the entire incident.

After JiDion was permanently banned from Twitch for harassing Pokimane, JiDion featured Tyler “Ninja” Blevins on a YouTube stream. During the broadcast, Ninja claimed he would reach out to his contacts at Twitch in an attempt reverse JiDion’s ban get JiDion back on the platform.

Pokimane called Ninja out on Twitch soon after, explaining her displeasure over his use of the word “b—-” while talking about her. She also questioned why Ninja would help JiDion after he harassed her so heavily.

In response, Ninja’s wife and manager Jessica Blevins accused Pokimane of defamation. Blevins claimed she would be contacting her lawyers because Ninja had never actually contacted anyone at Twitch. Pokimane was shocked at Blevins’ DMs, tweeting that it was still important to shed light on Ninja’s behavior no matter whether he followed through on his words.

Soon after, Blevins stepped down from her position as Ninja’s manager to pursue her own streaming career. But Pokimane said she felt the drama was the “final straw” for Blevins in her position as Ninja’s manager.

Pokimane comments on Ninja and Jessica Blevins after JiDion drama

During a recent Twitch stream, Pokimane told her chat that she had realized Ninja and his wife never apologized for their part in the drama. Pokimane even noted that JiDion, the one who had “said so many means things” about her on Twitch, had already apologized.

“[JiDion] was faster to apologize to me than Ninja and Jessica Blevins,” Pokimane said with a laugh.

She added that she “lowkey” couldn’t believe that the streaming star had not bothered to apologize to her yet.

But it seems that many people have started to grow tired of the hate raid drama. In response to Pokimane’s recent statement about Ninja and Jessica’s behavior, many on Twitter told her to simply move on. Some felt that she was dragging out the situation for far too long and should stop bringing it up now that JiDion has apologized and Blevins has stepped down. Others even said that Ninja has “moved on” but Pokimane has not.

While the hate raid may not be on Ninja’s mind, Pokimane spent the past month dealing with harassment and death threats from JiDion and his followers. So while people have told Pokimane to “get over” the hate raid, Pokimane has pointed out that her inbox is still full of strangers sending abusive messages her way.