Pokimane encourages “embarrassed” fan to show his face on stream

By Olivia Richman


May 4, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Imane “Pokimane” Anys made a recent Omegle stream extra wholesome when she got a shy fan to show his face.

Earlier today, Pokimane posted a YouTube video showing her first-ever time using Omegle. This is a website that allows users to enter chat rooms with strangers from all over the world. Most people choose to be on camera, creating a lot of silly interactions.

To nobody’s surprise, a lot of people recognized Pokimane. But one shy fan was given a life-changing pep talk by the Queen of Twitch herself.

Pokimane has wholesome moment with fan on Omegle

On Omegle, you can cycle through conversations at a whim. If someone is extra creepy or weird, you can simply skip to the next video chat. Pokimane was busy sifting through users when she came across a shy fan who refused to show his face.

While the entire video was wholesome, this moment was especially special to fans.

When Pokimane first encountered the fan, he was only showing his forehead. When Pokimane asked why he was only showing his hairline, he said that he was not comfortable showing his face.

“I’m not very good-looking,” he admitted.

Pokimane seemed taken aback by his comment. She asked to see his face again, saying that he seemed “normal” and that there was “nothing wrong with you.” Encouraged by Pokimane, the young fan finally showed his face.

“You really think you’re not good-looking? You should not feel that way about yourself! What in the world would make you feel that way? And you’re so young? Show your face to the world forever!” Pokimane told him.

Pokimane has never been one to shy away from conversations about appearance and self-esteem. She was once bullied for appearing on stream with no makeup and no filter, causing trolls to mock her face all over the internet. But Pokimane didn’t back down and instead stood up for herself and women everywhere.

Later on, controversial streamer Jidon “JiDion” Adam was banned from Twitch after he started mocking her appearance once again. He even sent his fans to her channel to make fun of her during a livestream, ultimately leading to her getting harassed all over social media.

While it appears that Pokimane has forgiven JiDion, she has not stopped continuing to spread body positivity messages on her streams and YouTube videos.