Pokimane hate raid

Pokimane responds to backlash over JiDion’s hate raid ban

By Olivia Richman


Jan 20, 2022

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Despite Jidon “JiDion” Adam being indefinitely banned from Twitch, the drama surrounding his hate raids continues.

The target of his harassment, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, has apparently been receiving hate for being upset about the situation. Earlier in the month, Pokimane was forced to leave her stream early after JiDion sent his fans over to harass her. Even after the hate raid, JiDion made fun of Pokimane and made a mockery of the situation on stream. In response, JiDion was banned from the platform.

As the harassment continued, big streamers stood up for Pokimane, with some saying the entire situation was indicative of the sexism in the gaming world. But not everyone has come to Pokimane’s side, with people continuing to tell her the situation is being overblown.

Pokimane highlights hate after JiDion’s ban

As people continued to minimize the harassment Pokimane received from JiDion and his followers, Pokimane decided to share a list of all the mistreatment she endured. This included negative and hateful tweets about Pokimane, demands that JiDion fans dogpile on Pokimane on Twitter, mocking of her fans, explicit sexual comments, and people criticizing her appearance.

Pokimane also shared screenshots of her Twitter inbox, which showed JiDion’s fans telling her to “kill herself” among other harassment.

“To those telling me to ‘move on’ or ‘stop dragging it out,’ I’ll move on once I stop receiving [thousands] of hate messages daily!” Pokimane tweeted from her second Twitter account.

She added that the people messaging her should “move on” instead, calling them weirdos.

“I’m glad he apologized and told his viewers to chill. Hope he does better in the future and that this is the last time I have to talk about this,” Pokimane tweeted.

Twitch recently turned down JiDion’s ban appeal, stating that the company does not unban accounts that have taken part in “this level of abuse.”


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