Players want Icebox disabled in Valorant, here’s why

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Icebox is raining bugs, making the map a menace to play in competitive Valorant. The map’s A site is loaded with game-breakingly good exploits, leading to an abundance of complaints.

The icy tundra is hands-down one of the best Valorant maps due to the verticality and snowy weather. Underrated agents shine on this location, making it a player favorite. If there were any initial flaws, Riot fixed them by rolling out a mini icebox overhaul in patch 4.04. However, the current act is messy as bugs infest the classy location. Players want the developer to do a clean sweep. 

Most recently, players have encountered various bugs in Icebox, mainly on point A. It may be time Riot plucks the map out of the active pool and fixes it for good. 

What are all the bugs on Icebox? 

Icebox bugs

A particular corner on Icebox is bugged for most agents who can move across odd areas. The top of pipes allows various agents to stand on unintentional ledges and even invisible pixels. 

Players first discovered a bug while playing Jett. The Valorant-style “pixel boost” allows Jett to perch on an elevated spot, giving her a vantage view of enemies. This game-breaking glitch on Icebox puts attackers at a massive disadvantage when trying to break into point A. Players had expected Riot to fix it instantly, but it continues to mar the game. While this one may be a bit tricky to replicate, the bugged ledge is open for all. 

The small ledge right next to the pixel has become an OP spot for agents like Raze, Jett, and now Omen. All three characters have been hopping on this tiny area, getting unfair intel. This particular spot is even more potent than the invisible pixel, which doesn’t necessarily show the point A entrance. Conversely, Omen, Raze, and Jett can view an entry, window, and maze pretty comfortably from the top. 

Now, Jett and Raze players may struggle a bit to hop on top. But, exploiting this spot is a piece of cake for Omen mains. The agent only needs to place the cursor at the right place to gain a competitive edge over enemies. This bugged spot is surely defender-sided, but clever attackers can benefit from it in post-plant situations.

Unlike other minor bugs, this one seems like a bug one that may require some serious fixing. Riot has previously disabled maps to tackle game-breaking bugs. So, players are now nudging the developer to remove Icebox from queues, but it’s only costing them precious ELO.