Game-breaking Jett Updraft glitch can shut down teams on Icebox

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 30, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Jett continues to redefine the Valorant meta through bugs and glitches, with the latest example being her ability to reach unfair spots on Icebox using Updraft. 

Icebox’s complex layout with ample chokepoints is Reyna’s home turf but Jett mains can also enjoy a high kill count. She’s not the star duelist of Icebox, but her power to adapt makes her a viable pick. And of course, trolls can find plenty of fun playing her. 

A brand new bugged spot serves as a Valorant-style “pixel boost” which allows Jett to perch on an elevated spot. This game-breaking glitch on Icebox puts attackers at a massive disadvantage when trying to break into point A. 

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Jett’s game-breaking Updraft glitch on Icebox 

The new Updraft lineup lets Jett hops on top of an invisible pixel on Icebox’s point A, providing a clear view of the entrance. It’s beyond viable and will likely get patched soon. 

Valorant has multiple bugs, with Omen and Jett mainly at the center. It’s often Jett’s Updraft and dash that put her in the limelight for breaking the game. The new bug is also courtesy of her draft that, with a few clicks, allows her to gain a competitive edge over the enemies. 

For this Updraft, Jett may want to go the extra mile and even put herself in danger. The first few steps to getting this Updraft right are hopping the rope and getting on top of the maze. Once there, activate her Updraft and jump on the invisible spot, as shown in the video. The pillar will offers support for staying at the top of A main. From here, you will have a vantage view of the entire site, which is incredibly dangerous to the oblivious attackers. 

Paired with a few flashes and smokes, this aggressive setup can be wildly helpful in defending the site. It’s a bug at the end of the day and likely won’t be around forever. Riot may remove the bugged spot from Icebox soon, but until that happens, attackers may want to be cautious while entering A. 

What’s the best duelist on Icebox? 

Jett and Reyna are both powerful contenders to be the best duelist on Icebox, but Reyna gets an edge for her close-range flashes and power to self-heal.

The dark duelist is the perfect pick on maps with tight choke points and narrow entries. She’s always a good option for players that just want to frag out, but Icebox is definitely well-suited to her abilities.