CS2 chickens

Players can now cook chicken roast in Counter-Strike 2

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 7, 2023

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Craving some chicken? Just load up Counter-Strike 2 and get them freshly roasted in an incendiary! 

Valve has added a wealth of new content to CS2, and now the developer is clearly going overboard with updates, and we don’t mind. After overhauling loadout and plucking out Dust 2, Valve has added an edible item to CS2, except you can’t actually eat it. Roast chickens are there to be admired and cause mid-game belly rumbles.

It’s now possible to turn cute chickens into mouth-watering roasts. Whether you want to do that or not depends entirely on you, but it’s a tempting option. Chickens can also be adopted, but “foodie” CS2 players would rather enjoy a roast.

Valve adds roast chickens to CS2 

Counter-strike chicken

June 7 release notes add a new and better loadout system and a refund feature to CS2. But, besides that, roast chickens are also entering the game. 

Chickens are a big part of the Counter-Strike legacy. Valve has previously added new clothes for them for winter holidays, visual upgrades, skins, and more. Now, an interactive feature will turn players into chefs. Here’s how: 

In CS2, if you toss an incendiary at a chicken, it’ll turn them into cartoonish roasts. It may seem brutal to some because chickens were adoptable pets in CSGO, but some players still used them tactically. However, it’s a hilarious interactive feature that players would have lots of fun with. 

This was an easter egg, not mentioned in the official blog post. But the main updates include: 

  • Mirage has replaced Dust II in the official CS2 beta
  • The player loadout has been revised
  • Players will have 5 slots for each weapon tier
  • Players can now refund any purchase that was purchased in the same round and has not been used
  • Teammate purchases are displayed on the buy menu
  • Shotguns now create larger holes in smoke volumes
  • VAC will now live ban and gracefully terminate the match at the end of the round


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