New Fade tech

Players can now break Ascent’s door with new Fade tech

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Ascent’s automatic doors are stubborn, but this new Fade tech can help break them open. 

Not all Valorant maps are popular, but Ascent’s classic FPS layout caters to everyone. Whether you’re a duelist, sentinel, controller, or initiator, all categories shine on this locale, making it a favorite among many fans.

While the rest of Ascent’s layout is simple, the automatic doors bring a spicy twist. They are stubborn and tricky to play around. The metal doors require an entire clip of bullets to break open, which can be a nightmare in eco rounds. This Fade trick to break Ascent’s door will save bullets and effort. 

Fade can break open Ascent’s door


Fade’s Prowler near-sights and creates a terror trail against enemies, but it also bears the key to Ascent’s automatic doors. Players have discovered a bullet-free way to break open the metal doors, and it’s game-changing. 

Shooting at Ascent’s door isn’t safe. It alerts enemies of your presence so they can pre-aim the shattering entrance. The player who’s shooting at the door becomes exposed to an alert enemy as soon as the barrier goes down. Naturally, the enemy has an unfair advantage, which may lead to an easy kill. However, there are plenty of ways to destroy the door without using bullets, but they require particular agents.  Players have discovered a new Fade tech that breaks open Ascent door using her Prowler. 

First, shoot a few bullets at the door until the thin bars turn red. Next, equip the Prowler and launch it towards the entrance. Re-equip your gun and prepare to shoot at the distracted enemy. The Prowler helps open the door without taking away your weapon and diverts the enemy’s attention. Players can use this trick to save money in eco-rounds and play around the stubborn doors even when they’re bolted.

Will Split return to Valorant? 

Split is not gone permanently. The map may return with some crucial tweaks. The map will likely return in the next Episode, switching spots with another location. Split lovers can still enjoy it in customs and alternate game modes.