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Players bash Radianite point prices in Valorant, call it a scam

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant players aren’t happy with how many Radiant points are needed to purchase skins and other in-game cosmetics. Are they even worth buying at this point?

Riot Games has delivered dozens of creative in-game cosmetics that can put a strain on your wallet. Players still manage to buy these skins despite high prices, but it goes beyond that initial purchase for many players. To enjoy animations and sound elements, Radianite points are a must. However, these mere upgrade points aren’t cheap, causing an issue in the Valorant community. 

Valorant players are complaining about inflating Radianite points that ultimately boost the overall cost of the skin. 

Just 20 points can cost as much as a nice Valorant weapon skin. For example, if you’re buying a gun skin for 1600 VP, you still need to spend 1600 more to get the 20 points to unlock the animated features for it. If it has other levels and variants, that’s 40 more, which come at the cost of 2800 VP. The pricing is insanely high. Those who buy full bundles have to spend as much as $100 on top of the initial skin cost. 

The only way to claim Radianite is to either shop for it or buy the battle pass. Most players opt for the battle pass since it’s the cheapest way. But, Riot releases more bundles than the total amount of points available in the pass, enticing skin collectors to spend double the amount just to get their money’s worth on the bundle. 

Is it worth buying the Radianite points in Valorant? 

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If you’re a skin enthusiast, then yes. Buying Radianite points is just as important as purchasing a skin bundle. The actual value of an expensive bundle lies in locked animations and sound elements that make them worth the hefty price tag. To unlock them, Radianite is crucial. 

Without the animation, an exclusive tier bundle is only as good as any other cheap skin. However, Valorant’s terrible pricing is making it challenging for players to shop for their desired skin. This is especially true as of late since there’s no other way to get the Radianite points other than buying it. Not just that, but if you’re lacking 10 points, you must buy an entire pack of 20 since Radianite isn’t transferable in Valorant. 

The overall system has enraged loyal players who continue to buy skins but refuse to spend extra cash on points. It’s not exactly an unfair critique of the current system. If someone is paying almost $100 for a skin bundle, built-in animations should be a given. Considering the hefty price tags, an in-game challenge that unlocks points would be a more consumer-friendly option.