Riot reveals Spectrum, Valorant’s most expensive bundle

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has collaborated with popular DJ ZEDD to create the game’s first creator-inspired skin bundle. 

Valorant recently released its first collaboration bundle in Ruination, and it seems that Riot Games plans on rolling out more collections moving forward. The developer has announced a partnership with ZEDD to deliver a new skin bundle unlike any other in the game. 

Valorant is known for its expensive luxury in-game content, including skins, battle passes, and more. The game became popular among skin collectors without partnering up with celebrities like most games. But now, the developer seems to be following in the footsteps of Fortnite by collaborating with the pop culture world.

ZEDD has a massive fanbase from his work in the music industry. He recently became popular in the gaming world with his growing interest in Riot Games’ Valorant. This crossover makes all the sense as Riot Games continues to dip its toes outside of the gaming realm. The first Valorant partnership of its kind comes in the form of brightly painted skins dubbed “Spectrum.” 

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ZEDD’s Spectrum bundle is the most expensive in Valorant 

The new skin bundle is the most expensive bundle in Valorant and features skins for all key weapons, including a sword-like melee. Here are all the guns available in Spectrum colors: 

  • Phantom 
  • Classic 
  • Bulldog 
  • Guardian 
  • Melee 

The collection will have fun variants in vivid colours. But it’s not the visual appearance that set the weapons apart from the previous bundles. ZEDD has overlooked the sound animations himself and has ensured that they’re all “satisfactory.” These new audio cues might help players pop heads more smoothly. 

“Spectrum is more than just a collection. It’s an expression. I’ve worked directly with the Valorant sound team to design and mix every single audio element. Together we’ve created a soundscape that’s cool, balanced, inspiring, and I hope that you’ll agree just satisfying,” ZEDD said. 

How much does new the Spectrum bundle cost in Valorant?

While all Valorant skins can be hefty on your pocket, the Spectrum bundle breaks away from the established price tags. Spectrum is the most expensive Valorant bundle so far, beating out even the pricey Elderflame collection. The dragon-themed skin bundle came for 9,900 VP, falling in the highest-priced category. But Spectrum creates a whole new section with a whopping 10,700 VP price tag.

Fortunately, players can shop each skin individually. The massive price tag will also impact the rate of each gun, but players should be able to cop their chosen weapons at lower rates. The skins will enter the market with Episode 2 Act 3 on September 8.