Raze bug noise

Players are causing mayhem in Valorant with this Raze bug

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

A new Raze Boom Bot bug is creating a monstrous noise audible throughout the map. 

The party monster Raze is equipped with an Initiator-style robot that blows upon detecting enemies. It’s easily one of the deadliest damage-dealing abilities in Valorant, but it can also be used to blanket footsteps and just annoy enemies. A new glitch is making the rounds for that hilarious last reason. 

Players have discovered that the Boom Bot becomes stuck on particular spots in Ascent, creating a sound like malfunctioning machinery. However, the noise is nothing like Raze’s regular Boom Bot. Instead, it dampens all footsteps in close range. VCTRY light has highlighted all those bugged spots in a video. 

Ascent’s mid, A-short, tree, and haven include a few bugged spots that create the noise of a bad car engine. It’s earsplittingly loud and annoying and would surely tinker with sound-based gameplay, meaning it can be exploited as well. Your enemies may even have to mute their game sound to eliminate this loud noise. 

Fortunately, replicating it takes work. You will have to mock up the different lineups for each clatter bug, which can be time-consuming. It’s unlikely that any petty player in Valorant would spend so much time just to troll in the game. But it’s still a fun little trick that some may use to drown out crucial footsteps. 

Fun or not, this is a bug, so it may get removed soon. It’s not precisely game-breaking or significant enough to be patched instantly, but Riot may tackle it in the coming patches. 

Is Raze broken in Valorant? 

Raze bug

Valorant hasn’t registered a game-breaking bug in quite some time now. However, Raze’s toolkit has been acting glitchy for some players. A recently discovered Raze bug causes her Boom Bot to make an irritating noise, but that bug is equally hilarious to others. Her bot has also been exploiting teleporters on the map Bind, making her a menace for opponents.