VCT cheating

Player disqualified for cheating in VCT reveals they lied about gender

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

VCT Game Changers has been littered with controversy and drama so far. Riot recently disqualified a team for cheating, but the story has taken a new turn.

In 2021, Riot Games announced a new program to supplement the competitive season by creating new opportunities and exposure for marginalized genders within Valorant. Since then, there has been a quantum leap in the number of women in esports and competitive Valorant in general. Unfortunately, the circuit is also pretty easy to exploit for bad actors. The recent drama is an example.

The open qualifier of NA VCT Game Changers saw EQ Cerise and CLG Red lock horns on Saturday. The former emerged as the winner, but Riot overturned the victory due to a positive case of third-party tool usage.

VCT cheating

The dust around the cheating controversy was yet to settle, and the accused came forward with a new revelation. dsylexic, being investigated for hacking, has confessed to faking a non-binary identity to partake in VCT Game Changers.

The player revealed that he lied his way into EQ Cerise with the help of a teammate Jenni, but he turned down cheating allegations.

“I want to emphasize that nobody else at EQ Cerise knew that I was faking my non-binary status to play in Game Changers besides Jenni,” dsylexic said. “I sincerely apologize to my teammates for lying about my non-binary status to play in Game Changers.”

Previously, EQ Cerise’s IGL had denied cheating allegations and had claimed that Riot would retract the verdict and apologize to the players in question. Game Changers is strictly for women and other marginalized genders, so dsylexic’s participation in the tournament would have earned him a ban anyway, cheating or not. However, Riot Games’ likely had solid grounds and proof of third-party tools used to deliver such a strong ruling.

Soon after the dsylexic’s statement, Jenni also came forward with a TwitLonger of her own, accepting her part in helping dyslexic play in VCT. The player apologized to the community at large and stepped back from competitive play.

“Regarding the cheating allegations, I was made to believe dsylexic was not cheating prior to or during the matches in the tournament. However, with some of the tweets coming to light, I am not sure anymore,” she said.

Jenni is likely hinting at the pictures of dsylexic owning cheating software. However, he claims to have stopped using the tool long ago and hadn’t cheated in his game against CLG Red.

Riot Games has already revealed its decision for the cheating, but it remains to be seen how dsylexic’s recent confession would be handled.